WATER : Can you imagine how many tons of towels & sheets are unnecessarily washed in hotels all over the world? And the monstrous amount of washing powder needed which thereby pollutes our most precious resource: water? To play our role in protecting the environment, we change bed linen & towels every second day. As a rule we consume water consciously.

LOCAL means less transportation and consequently reducing our footprint . We work with local suppliers using local materials respecting both the environment and the traditions of the Swahili culture.


NO PLASTIC: At Upendo Beach and Upendo House, we avoid using plastic as much as we can. All toiletries are refillable, we use glass bottles filled with organic products produced by local communities. Stations of drinking waters are available in the common areas and rooms. Reusable bottles are available in our Concept Store to protect the environment anywhere.

Zanrec Stamp


GLASS: Glass-making is energy intensive. To reduce the consumption of new products, we recycle bottles and donate to great initiatives that are transforming them into stylish everyday use items such as the glasses we use in or restaurant!

We COMPOST and SORT our waste. We reduce unnecessary packaging and consumption. We provide recycling stations and truck collection for the local community. We also invest on education for the local people to learn about the importance of protecting the environment.

" I believe in creating sustainable community solutions and strength as best way of investing in the island - aside from business investment we need to have community investments - Zanzibar is my home ❤️ " Trish Dhanak