The focus on the food at Upendo is to keep it as fresh as possible, using all the natural ingredients found in Zanzibar — fresh caught seafood, fruit & vegetables in season and delicious spices; all used in favourite Swahili, Indian and international dishes with a classic Upendo twist.

Upendo’s signature style is traditional recipes ‘like your mamma made it,’ cooked fresh to order, served with a clean & stylish presentation. Trish believes one eats first with the eye (it looks good), nose (it smells good) and then finally the mouth (it tastes good).

Upendo’s Soulful Sunday Brunch has become an institution on the island and is definitely the place to be from 11am to 5pm every Sunday (although don’t be surprised if you’re still here at 11pm!).  The Upendo kitchen serves up all you would expect to see at a classic brunch, with of course the Upendo twist!

Why not celebrate your special moments or book a table at Upendo: birthdays, weddings, or just life in general.  We can help you organise your private event in Upendo style!

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  • Crab and Avocado Tian
    Fresh & Light
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    Service With A Smile
  • Ultimate Chill
    Lazy Days
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    With Amaretto Cream
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    Our Stylish Clientelle
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    Farm to Fork
  • Seafood Heaven
    Fresh From The Ocean


The lounge and restaurant are set up to be ‘on the beach’, using large barazas (traditional Arabic sofas) cushioned in vibrant hues, comfortable oversized lounge beds and large rustic wood tables to create an ambiance that allows the guest to relax, socialise and enjoy the beach views.

The infinity pool with its clean lines, rustic lounge bandas and use of contemporary black, white and colour, frames and enhances the stunning aquamarine of the Indian Ocean.

Music is essential to the essence of the Upendo experience, and an excellent selection of both ambient tunes and a wide collection of artists complement your surroundings. Upendo hosts DJ’s especially for their Soulful Sunday Brunches, which brings a wonderful element to the whole experience.